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Hoopy McGee

Okay, I don't know if anyone can hear this, or read this, or whatever, but I'm trying my best to use Pinkie Pie's legendary fourth-wall-breaking powers to try and get a message out.
If you can hear this, I need help. I'm in Equestria, and man, this is strange. But I'm also stuck in Pinkie Pie's body, for some reason.
Yes, it's just as weird as it sounds. And now, I need your help... because all the ponies in this town think I'm crazy!


Why am I Pinkie Pie?!

  • 384 pages, hardcover. 28 black and white illustrations. This is small format book -- dimensions: 146x110 mm (5,75x4,33 in). The book was made by hand with a hand tools.

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