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This book includes two wonderful works – University Days and The Vinyl Scratch Tapes. Inside there are color illustrations from Forkonatable, the cover by Ramiras.




University Days:


A refined mare fresh out of high school and a dropout following her dreams find themselves forced to spend a lot of time together.

With the help of a meddling psychology tutor and their new classmates, can they find what they've been looking for?


The Vinyl Scratch Tapes:


After the invention of radio, DJ-P0n3 (aka Vinyl Scratch) holds the first Equestrian talk show with her co-host Octavia. Octavia quickly finds out her superior is very eccentric, leading their broadcast to be constantly derailed, yet somehow remain popular. These episodes were recorded for historical significance and transcribed. These are the Vinyl Scratch Tapes.



University Days & Vinyl Scratch Tapes

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  • 400 pages, 2 colour illustrations by Forkonatable, hardcover by Ramiras, bookmark-lasse, soft-touch lamination (feels like velvet)

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