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Full Set (5 parts, 9 volumes)


Far off in the East, in a stable beneath the infamous ruins of Hoofington, a lone mare simply wishes for a life of comfort, ease, and maybe a little flank spank in the tunnels of Stable 99. It's a nice enough place, as long as you don't think about the flickering lights, the strange smells, the ever growing sense of disaster, or the lives of the male breeders. Perfectly nice... just don't think about it...

But Blackjack's life is turned completely on its head when she discovers a mysterious computer file: EC-1101. Raiders invade her home in search of it, and the only way she can protect her home is to leave with it. But what is this file? What does it do? Why were they after it?

With only P-21, one of her stable's breeder accompanying her, Blackjack must head out into the wasteland of the Hoof, follow the clues laid out before her, and untangle a vast mystery and conspiracy which threatens not only her stable, or the Hoof, but the very world itself.

Fallout: Equestria – Project Horizons

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