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We moved!

Hello everycreature! I want to inform you that we have completed the move. From now on, our book distribution point is no longer located in Russia.

Since we receive a lot of questions about delivery, I want to assure you that right now we have no restrictions on sending books to any country in the world.

And next week, two big announcements are waiting for you at once!

Stay tuned!

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Brownie Pony
Brownie Pony
May 30, 2023

My parents were admittedly a bit weirded out when I got a package from Russia, glad to hear that you got moved safely and successfully. Wishing you all the best.


Oct 04, 2022

Good to hear.

It bites that you can no longer have your distribution point in your home country, due to Putin's stupidity.

Gonna be ordering from you soon, as I've seen a few books that I want to get to add to my collection.

God bless, and stay safe, hun!


Jul 31, 2022

That's wonderful news. You've been hit by so much and yet you still manage to survive. Your level of dedication is unrivaled. Thank you so much. You're the best.

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