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The Time Loop Trilogy!

Hi, everycreature! I'm glad to inform you that all issues with deliveries are thankfully over. We have yet to send the last 30 packages, and hopefully, we'll sort them out in the upcoming week. We apologize for that temporary delay; COVID-19 has unfortunately left its mark on us as well. We do hope that the situation will not repeat itself and there won't be any problems with orders.

Good news! Having dealt with the shipment crisis, we're opening orders for The Time Loop Trilogy! You can find it here —

We have also decided on two upcoming projects.

Right now, artists are drawing cover arts and inside-the-book arts for Fallout: Equestria – Heroes. We expect them to be ready by June. After that, it will be Monochromatic's The Enchanted Kingdom, a sequel to the magnificent The Enchanted Library.

We sincerely hope that 2021 will go softer on everypony than 2020, and look forward to the G5 starting in September! Stay tuned!

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Crasher TN
Crasher TN
Mar 19, 2021

The Time loop trilogy have illustrations?

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