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The Enchanted Kingdom and Prey!

Hi everycreature! I am glad to announce that we have opened pre-orders for new books. The long-awaited sequel of «The Enchanted Library»«The Enchanted Kingdom» by Monochromatic!

And also the winner of our latest poll — Prey from Kkat!

We have already sent the books to the printing house, they will be in our warehouse approximately in September.

I also regret to inform you that due to the difficult financial situation and a large stock of books in stock (we did a large reprint in winter) we won't start working on a new project until we sell some of the books. I will definitely write if there is any news, both good and bad.

Stay tuned!

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Brownie Pony
Brownie Pony
Aug 02, 2022

I have at least one copy of 3/4 of the books on your shop page.


Aug 01, 2022

These three books look gorgeous! Looking forward to getting them someday (holding off for a little while because I've just bought a bunch of books haha)

And absolutely fair regarding the stock situation - you've got to balance demand and supply after all. I hope you sell a good chunk of them soon :)

Thank you for all the effort you put in to bring these stories to life. It makes a world of difference to be able to hold a physical book when reading stories I've grown very attached to over the years.

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