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Survey about The Alicorn Adventure (The Celestia Code)

Hi, everycreature! Recently, we've been contacted by iisaw who asked if we could print The Alicorn Adventure, a fanfiction series that he wrote. The Alicorn Adventure includes such stories that you may know as The Celestia Code, The Luna Cypher, The Twilight Enigma, The Skyla Pseudonym, and a couple of smaller stories.

These books had already been printed via Lulu until they were banned, and we can only guess if there are enough people wishing to see them printed. If yes, it is likely to be a two-or-three book volume like The Enchanted Library with 5-10 new arts by our artists for each and the cover arts iisaw is currently using for their online publication. The approximate price for a set of these is 60-90$ + shipping. Would you like to get the printed edition of The Alicorn Adventure by us?

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