Ulitsa Popova, 10, Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation


Ponyville Discord Server

Good guys asked for help with advertising their discord server. Below is their text.

Hi, I'm 'Princess Fluttershy' admin from the Ponyville Discord-Server.

We are happy to partner-Up with Ministry of Image :)

Our server is bilingual, German and English - but that only mean, that you have to talk in one of these languages. We welcome everypony and more than one pony is learning German on our server ;) If you want to know more about me, come and join. You can ask me what you want (and I'm free to answer or not ;D).

See you there

Ponyville Pony Server ~ mostly German - We have english translations

♥ we have a large number of events for everypony to enjoy

♥ mlp is everywhere

♥ an rpg is also in development (create your own? :))

♥ we currently offer a Twilight Sparkle RPG and Fun Bot

♥ and a own PonyvilleBot ( @PonyvilleBot#3141 ) for more Fun

♥ as well as a lot of MLP Emojis

♥ and much more 🆒 ♥