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Ponyville Discord Server

Good guys asked for help with advertising their discord server. Below is their text.

Hi, I'm 'Princess Fluttershy' admin from the Ponyville Discord-Server.

We are happy to partner-Up with Ministry of Image :)

Our server is bilingual, German and English - but that only mean, that you have to talk in one of these languages. We welcome everypony and more than one pony is learning German on our server ;) If you want to know more about me, come and join. You can ask me what you want (and I'm free to answer or not ;D).

See you there 📷

Ponyville Pony Server ~ mostly German - We have english translations

♥ we have a large number of events for everypony to enjoy

♥ mlp is everywhere

♥ an rpg is also in development (create your own? :))

♥ we currently offer a Twilight Sparkle RPG and Fun Bot

♥ and a own PonyvilleBot ( @PonyvilleBot#3141 ) for more Fun

♥ as well as a lot of MLP Emojis

♥ and much more 🆒 ♥

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