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Fallout: Equestria – Heroes

Hi, everycreature! I'm glad to inform you that another big project of ours has reached its finale. One of A Big Five, Fallout Equestria: Heroes, was sent to print. We can finally open pre-orders! This set — three books completed with brand new covers by Ramiras and 45 black-and-white arts by Maytee, Lex2dot0 and Asimos — will be a fine addition to your collection of books. We'll also fit the edition with colour postcards for you to enjoy the cover arts without any text. The shipping of the books is going to start in the second part of July. You can pre-order it at

As a piece of side news, I can't help but note that international post services' output has improved significantly and gradually going back to how it was before the COVID. Now your orders should reach you in 2-8 weeks instead of the previous 8-16

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