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Fallout: Equestria and The Alicorn Adventures!

Hi everycreature!

We open pre-orders for two works at once!

1. The original Fallout: Equestria returns by popular demand! I'm not sure if we're going to make a new edition of the books, so I hope you'll take the chance to order the legendary books. The quantity is limited!

2. Once it was removed from Lulu and we are happy to lend a hoof to a good author. The two - volume The Alicorn Adventure by IIsaw includes four stories:

The Celestia Code

The Luna Cypher

The Twilight Enigma

The Skyla Pseudonym

As well as three bonus stories:

On The Rocks

The Quest

Tales from Twilight Town

Our permanent artist Ramiras (he is the author of the covers of all our books) has drawn 5 beautiful color illustrations, one of which I am happy to post at the end of this announcement

Sending pre-orders will begin in December.

And a small announcement – we have accumulated quite a lot of books, which caused problems with free space, so in the future we are unlikely to re-print books from old projects. Therefore, if you want to buy a book, it is better to do it now, while there is still an opportunity.

That's it, have a nice day! Stay tuned!

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