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Hi, everycreature! We see the large number of your messages which always begin with the words "I understand that COVID-19 closed the borders, but...", so we decided not to wait for the situation to stabilize. We found new options and resumed sending your orders. For the current moment, we have sent more than 60 orders. Most packages of 1-2 books are shipped from our convention warehouse in the US with the invaluable support of Travelling Pony Museum, and a trial batch of larger orders was moved to Russia and sent out from there.

Now we're going to move all the books we have to Russia and start sending them from there, including Fo:E. Since the prices of Russian post differ from Belarusian, all delivery rates on our site will be revised in the near future. The price for sending 1-2 books will increase significantly (only for future orders, no surcharges required), but it will probably not change from 3 or higher. In other words, the shipment of one book will cost the same as the delivery of 3 books.

Please note that all sent orders have track numbers. They are registered in the international mail system and will definitely reach you, but their arrival may be severely delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unstable work of delivery system and slow work of customs services, namely concerning the USA.

P.S. Fallout: Equestria's already been sent to print!

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